Frequency Records dropped my song with mISHO and it’s been incredibly well-received! In my addiction, I hurt people. I was selfish and emotionally manipulative. I wrote this song in 2014 after my drinking and codependency drove the first of many friendships into the ground. I stretched that friend’s love too thin and this song was … More “Superhuman”

“A World Away”

I’m branching out into electronic music and investing into a sound that I enjoy! I used to think that I wasn’t “good enough” to collaborate with producers in this genre, but I was wrong. I’m discovering that people all over the world actually want to work with me. My electronic debut with JiiNYuNG was such a … More “A World Away”


Demi Lovato has been a huge role model for me in my recovery. With the release of her latest single, she has admitted to a relapse after 6 years of sobriety and it’s inspired me to begin to deal with the fact that I’m not sober anymore either. I relapsed on St. Patrick’s Day and … More “Sober”