the truth is a bitch i can run hide from and attempt to dodge her attempts to strangle me with light but she always finds what she seeks after and she has i miss him i jumped into something new abruptly i still care for him i tried to love someone new too quickly i … More 4


in public places i mourn in private places i bawl in regret, in memory i longingly ache but i’ll be damned if i let a still shattered core prevent the fluidly flowing passion that resides in the heated highways of this temple’s branches from blooming out of fractured fragments i will rise and begin to make … More 3


i’m already dying of this fresh loneliness overwhelming with its dark familiarity all encompassing in its reach eyelids locked from exhaustion tearfully swollen but i hope once i can finally let light bounce into the browns of their underlying centers that they will melt into the blues of yours beside me again in peace for … More 2


vodka and rum may burn the throat but the thought of you sets my mind on fire in the worst kind of way i’d rather black out than feel blood circulate to a sober hand that once let both of yours hold it as you whispered you’re worth fighting for god i fell apart under … More 1


I murdered through thick and thin. Drowned it in Patrón, suffocated it with darkness. You abandoned in it for the long haul. Changed your mind, lied, left me in shadow, in blindness. They said give up and I cried you don’t get it, I can’t. As inconceivable as it was for you, after weeks of excuses, to humbly expose your veins, deliver … More 4:50am

Dear AnInquiringMind,

Ask Me Anything: You mentioned you were depressed in your writing. Can you be a little more specific as to the ‘why’ you were depressed? You also said you were slowly killing yourself with the abuses but you didn’t care. Was the slow process possibly a cry for help?


First of all, Merry Christmas and welcome to my website! Explore it. Visit often. Subscribe to my email list. Or don’t. Live your dreams. But I finally have a .com. I feel accomplished. Unfortunately, until I can get my domain transferred, I’m stuck with WordPress.com for the next 2 months. WordPress.com can’t do much. It’s kind of … More Hello