Frequency Records dropped my song with mISHO and it’s been incredibly well-received! In my addiction, I hurt people. I was selfish and emotionally manipulative. I wrote this song in 2014 after my drinking and codependency drove the first of many friendships into the ground. I stretched that friend’s love too thin and this song was my way of admitting that. It’s a reminder that people are only human. The lyrics share the consequences of relying on someone to fulfill my every need. Lesson learned.

I am so grateful that this is the first of my songs to get signed, especially now that I have truly embraced recovery (tomorrow is day 140 and I can hardly believe it). Stoked to share this fun, electronic sound. So much more is coming. Stay tuned.

Head here for more ways to listen!

Don’t say you need me then hide away

Don’t dare to love me
No, then fade to grey
Don’t break these heart strings
I’ve tuned them for you
If you play them too loud
We are doomed

Love me every hour
Won’t you hold me like Spring
Holds all the memories of Winter still?
Mend my every worry
Capture all my doubts
Rewrite this melody
Create some harmony

See? These expectations keep me on the ground
You’ve no cape, no wings
See? These expectations keep me on the ground
You can’t be anything superhuman

No, it’s not that I can’t open my mouth
I just can’t bear to see you crumble then flee
No, it’s not that I can’t pick up the pieces if you leave
But I’m sorry
Please, stand by me

Oh, I loved how you could swoop on in
Until your powers disappeared
Poured your all into lifting me up
No way in hell you’re strong enough
I tried my best to keep the love I bleed
From turning into greed
In the end it was insanity
Pure tragedy

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