the truth
is a bitch

i can run
hide from
and attempt to dodge her attempts
to strangle me with light
but she always finds
what she seeks after

and she has

i miss him
i jumped into something new

i still care for him
i tried to love someone new
too quickly

i was unhealthy
i didn’t know how to be
without him less than 24/7

in his face all the time
text me
acknowledge me
give me your every hour
breathe me
verify that my existence is
worth your time


do you ever learn?

but now I know how it feels
to be the emotionally unavailable one
and i empathize with who i’ve lost

i feel for him
and there’s nothing i can do about it


this regret
is a bitch

i can’t run
hide from
or attempt to dodge his attempts
to swallow me in
epiphanic darkness

he always finds
what he seeks after

lucky him

happy birthday

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