Donaven Lucas Anwell

Lucas originates from Latin, meaning “light” or “illumination.”

Anwell is a Welsh surname meaning “beloved.”

I was going to wait until it was legal to make the name change announcement, but not only is it a very lengthy process, but I can no longer sit with being a Smith. My parents are outright homophobic and they justify it with their Christianity. My mother is the most controlling, manipulative, and spiteful person that I know, while my father is a pacifist who loves his Bible, and what it has to say on divorce, more than he loves his own well-being.

This name change marks a crucial shift in how I view myself and on my decision to keep living. Honestly, I’ve never wanted to cease existing more than I have over the past few weeks. But I know that my life has a purpose and I don’t care if it takes me years to figure out what that purpose is.

Donaven, on the other hand, comes from the Celtic name, Donovan, meaning “dark warrior/strong fighter.”

And I can promise you that I will always be a Donaven.

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