Music | Kyle

I’m not sure if this life was meant to be lived without him. This is a song about accepting a broken reality while acknowledging that this boy will always have a special place in my heart. Time will continue to tell our story and maybe it really is over. Regardless, I’m learning how to be okay with that.


If you think I’m sad, oh, boy, you’re wrong,
and we don’t deserve another song.
But I’m not mad, I’ve connected dots.
I loved you flawed and that’s my fault.

So step one, forgive myself for latching on.
Step two, replace your space with the truth that you’re gone.
Step three, begin to live again.
Step four, hope for the best and forget the mess.

I’m gonna see you on the street and smile,
’cause I have honored pain and conquered denial.
No, I won’t expect your friendship for a while,
but know I’ll always care about you, Kyle.

If you thought you could save me, boy, were you wrong.
I thought you could save me, but I’ve come a long way.
When life went crazy we abused our hearts,
but I’m healing on, recovery’s where I start.

Step one, accept that you had to take care of you.
Step two, know that I was hurting long before I met you.
Step three, maybe forgive me for the ways I acted out.
Step four, just hear me now, I promise without a doubt…

No, I don’t think that this is an easy task,
to trust again and hope that anything could last.
You were the right one at the wrong time,
but in the end, I just want you back in my life.


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